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How To Cook Salmon - Salmon Frozen/Frozen Salmon -- No Salmon Recipies

How to bake salmon might be a really fun thing to know, but there are more important things in the world...
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Do you like salmon trout? Possibly trout salmon? You like your salmon frozen, frozen salmon? Do you have some delicious salmon recipies that you would love to do, that involves cooking the salmon..? Would you like to know how to cook baked salmon, even? Unfortunately you will not find that here, but regular salmon - sure.

This post will explain to you how you cook salmon.
The first thing to remember, when cooking salmon, is that the fish needs to be ABSOLUTELY FRESH -- meaning nothing less than 100% fresh is allowed. Nothing less.
Another thing to remember is that the fish should never acutally cook! It should only (what is the word..?). The thing below cooking, I guess. The reason why it should never cook is that the fish easily gets hard in cooking water, and also that the taste of the fish will disappear into the water (sorry about the english there). Maybe you've had experienced how fish becomes when it's too violently cooked..? It's like trashed.

So, do you need to split the salmon in parts or should you not do that? Doesn't matter, actually. Do watever suits you. Do whatever you want. You can choose whether you will cook it with liquid, or not, and if you want to do it in the oven or on a stove. Don't let the fish boil too quickly. If there's foam, remove it. And remember that the fish should not boil, but only simmer.

Usually fish is cooked in water, with spices added -- and the water shouldn't be higher than te fish. If the broth by mistake starts boiling immediately remove from the stove.

Before putting the fish in the broth, salt the broth.

Why not put some soup vegetables into the broth? These could be yellow onion, some carrot or other similar things. The vegetables give a fine aroma to the fish and -- especially the onion -- remove the fish scent that some people don't like.

I hope that you liked this little guide! Good luck with your frozen salmon, trout salmon, salmon trout, cook salmon etc. Hope you find some good salmon recipies!
I sincerely hope that you found some good stuff here. If you need easy recipes for salmon and recipe for salmon, you can find those in other posts!

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Attracting The Girls -- Part 1 - How To Turn On A Woman

Attracting The Girls -- Part 1 - How To Turn On A Woman

Simple, Fun Workout Method For Those Without Money But With Creativity In Abundance

Simple, Fun Workout Method For Those Without Money But With Creativity In Abundance

Google - Bokmärken

Google - Bokmärken

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Robert Pattinson Prefers Tight Underwear | Gather

Robert Pattinson Prefers Tight Underwear | Gather

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How To Bake Salmon? Nope -- even better.

(First of all, apart from this how to bake salmon stuff, do you enjoy gourmet shit..? Or steak..? If anyone of it -- and especially both, AT THE SAME TIME -- take a look at this site: awesome gourmet steaks

Got an awesome recipe, also. ...with puff pastry! Try it out, tell me what you think and enjoy! ...And, why not experiment? Do that and tel me how you liked that! If you used other shit than I used, tell me! If you modified it lightly, or made huge changes -- even more interesting that way -- tell me about it. Enough talking, time for recipe times of glory...

Salmon In Puff Pastry

This recipe is for 10 lucky people

Ingredients for this dish, are: 750 fresh, bone- and skinfri salmon side.

For the marinade, the ingredients are:
2dl oil
1/2 dl brownsugar
1table spoon sambal oelek
1 taböle spoon shriveled garlic
1dl fresh herbs - dill, basilic, timjan and the like
1 1/2 deci liter finely hacked yellow onion

1 elongated cooled down puff pastry plate
5 hacked, hardboiled eggs
3 dl finely hacked leeks
2 dl finely hacked dill
300 g philadelphia cheese natural, light
2 table spoons shredded horseradish
eggs for brushing

For the sauce, the ingreidnets are the following: 2dl creme fraiche,2 dl kesella, 2 table spoon light unrefined sugar
1/2-3/4 deci liter dijon mustard

For the salsa, these are the ingredients: 1 diced cucumber
4 diced tomatoes
1 diced onion
1 deci liter finely hacked basilic
2 table spoons oil
2 table spoons dark syrup
2 table spoons balsamic vinegar

This is how you do this dish: Blend the ingredients for the marinade. Rinse the salmon and put it in a bowl. On the sides of the fish, rub in the marinade. Cover the shells with a film and put it in the fridge over the night.

Blend the cheese with the horseradish. Put on the cheesemix on the middle of the puff pastry. Cut the salmon in big, thin slices and put it on the puff pastry. Put the eggs, hacked leeks and dill on the salmon. Roll this together like you would a swissroll. make sure nothing good comes out by pushing the sides (sounds strange but you'll know what I mean when you do it). Brush with a whipped egg. Bake according to directions given on the container of the puff pastry.

Sauce is made this way: Blend all of the ingredients and let it cool down until serving.
For the salsa: Do the same as with the sauce.

Bon appetit! More on how to bake salmon later, maybe.

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Like Gourmet Food? Or Steak? How About A Combination?

How interested are you guys in gourmet steaks? Take a look. awesome gourmet steaks

Here's some random tips on what you can do with salmon, in terms of preparing:
With the oven set on 175C, take out the spices you wish to use - and spice the salmon filets with these - then put them in the oven for about 15 minutes (if they are not deep frozen; if they are, then a little longer). This is served with a slice of lemon, cooked potatoes, hollandaisesauce and a good salad.

Another one is to oven bake larger pieces of salmon -- when you buy salmon filets -- and then salt and pepper them, and maybe - if you have them - have some chanterelles that you have fried in butter and eventually some breadcrumbs, and then slice some butter over this and put it in the oven. Maybe some homemade mashed potatoes.

To this, you can have some tomato sauce with dill, creme fraiche and a little fish boullion - and then have pieces of the salmon and let it simmer until the salmon is done; and serve with pasta or similar.

You can put the salmon on a plate -- the have a lot of fresh, hacked, basilic, hacked garlic, hacked chili salt and pepper - and onto this you pour some olive oil and sweet chilisauce; thai edition sweet chili sauce. You let this marinate and fry them and serve with potato wedges and tzatzikiu without cucumber.

A very simple way is to simply fry it in the frying pan and then pour onto it a container of creme fraiche - and some sundried tomatoes and feta cheese and some cream. With this you eat pasta, rice or potatoes.

I actually got these kinda recipes from a forum, so cred to that forum -- and the link for it is this one. http://matlust.ifokus.se/Forum/Read.aspx?ThreadId=3b3e6aa5-77b8-401f-b62c-046983a9785d
As you can see, it's swedish, so if you are NOT - it's going to be hard to read -- but I included it to pay credit to the tips given there. So... yeah. Hope you got anything out of these! :). Try em out and tell me what you think (would be cool if you experimented with these recipes and told me how you did it - ingredients etc - and told me the results, and if you maybe should have changed something small, or big, to make it even better... anything) Bon appetit everyone and I hope you are all well.

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Bret Michaels Improving | Gather

Bret Michaels Improving | Gather

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New Twilight: Eclipse Picture From Today April 27 | Gather

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New twilight Saga Pictures - Behind the Scenes... | Gather

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Tiger Woods On His Masters Playing+More | Gather

Tiger Woods On His Masters Playing+More | Gather

Tiger Woods Wants To Improve His Image | Gather

Tiger Woods Wants To Improve His Image | Gather

Tiger Woods Increases The Number Of Tournaments | Gather

Tiger Woods Increases The Number Of Tournaments | Gather

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Videos And Pictures Of New iPhone | Gather

Videos And Pictures Of New iPhone | Gather

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social context

social context

Social Interaction

Social Interaction

How To Bake Salmon

How To Bake Salmon

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Nope, Nothing Related To How To Bake Salmon: Chinese Food

Do you like it? Well, the world doesn't revolve around how to bake salmon, I do like le food chinese and I have a place you can check out, dedicated to it - where you can get a deeper view into what it really is. The character of Chinese food the place is called.

If you're interested, why not head over!


(For some reason I couldn't manage to make it into a link, so you'll have to spend 6 seconds on highlighting and copy-pasting)

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Oven Baked Salmon With Cream Cheese

Take out serving size, about 125g, salmon bites out of your freezer - and if you don't have serving sized- , and instead you have bigger bites, you have probably made the right choice as serving size salmon bites are very expensive. You put these bites on a plate that you place in your fridge to let the salmon bites melt. If your salmon isn't split into serving sized bites you just cut it that way.

This recipe will, by the way, be a two-in-one; two different ways of preparing salmon.

Accompanying the salmon will be a scramble of cottage/cream cheese, garlic and herbs (if you like scrambles this recipe will be awesome for you.

100g cream cheese
2 slices garlic
2table spoons mixed herbs

Mix the ingredients thoroughly and taste with salt and pepper. Spread a part of it on one of the salmon bites and save the rest for the serving later.

The other salmon bite I spice with salt, pepper and lemon pepper.

Put the pieces of salmon in a ovenproof dish that has been slightly oiled, and put it in the oven for 20minutes on 200C. If you're unsure whether this time was enough, split the salmon with a fork to see if it is finished; if it looks raw put it in for another however many minutes you think will do for it to look lackluster pink, which it does as it's ready. Make the evaluation of the time needed carefully though, as salmon gets really dry if it's in the oven for too long a time.

lördag 27 mars 2010

Oven Baked Salmon With Creamy White-Wine Sauce

The following dish is designed for two persons. This recipe is, possibly, different - as it has not explanation of what to do with the salmon. As you might know, baking salmon in oven is not an especially complicated task; you basically put it in and then it "bakes itself". So, no explanation needed there.
However, you don't know how to do this sauce by heart, so I thought an explanation would be useful:

The following are the ingredients that the sauce for this salmon dish consists of

400g/1lb salmon filet
2dl cream
2-3table spoons white wine or cooking wine
1 table spoon fish stock
Salt and whitepepper
mixed vegetables; you could for example use carrots, sugar peas, broccolli and green beans

The Following Is How To Make This Variant Of Baked Salmon
Begin by turning on your oven at 200celsius. Cook the cream and wine together in a saucepan. Do not use the fish stock to flavor the sauce, before the sauce is well thickened, or it will be salty after cooking together with the other cream and wine.
Put the salmon on an oven proof dish and steak the salmon for 15 minutes in the oven. Put the vegetables of your choice in a bit of bioling, salted water and let them cook for about three to four minutes. In lack of a better word, "remove" the water; you know what I mean. Place the fish on a plate, pour over the fish the sauce and decorate with vegetables.
Serve with cooked potato or rice.

Interesting Facts About Salmon

*Did you know that before a salmon is born, it has different forms. Or the eggs have - as they go through different stages. They go from being eggs, to sac fry or alevin, and then into parr at a quick rate. They stay at the parr-stage for a few years, and then become smolts. (you will have to read up somewhere else to find the specifics of these different stages, as this article is dedicated to provide fun, interesting facts and not a detail study)

*Did you know that only one tenth of all salmon eggs survive long enough to experience the, later, smolts stage?

*Did you know that salmon begin their life in fresh water, travel to the open ocean for a few years, and then return (to reproduce)?

*Did you know that the myth that salmon, when they are to reproduce, return to the exact spot where they once were born, is true?

*Did you know that salmon live where glaciers once were?

*Did you know that salmon travel great distances? And this doesn't mean a few miles, or 50 - but some salmon in idahoo travel 900miles.

*Did you know they are good climbers, also? The aforementioned salmon species, on the same journey, climb 2100m (7000feet)

*Yes, I said "salmon species". ...As salmon are actually not one fish, but a common name for a number of fishes, from a family where trouts also adher to - and salmon differentiate from trout in that, as opposed to the trout's static nature, travel.

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Alternatives To Eating Baked Salmon

If you're hungry for other things from the ocean, visiting this blog might be a good idea seafoodsalad

måndag 22 mars 2010

If you want some variation in your sea food, visit this blog: shrimp salad

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Recipe: How To Bake Salmon On Bed Of Spinach

Ovenbaked Salmon On Bed Of Spinach

Number of rations: 4.
Done in: 25minutes.

800g/2 lbs fresh salmon without skin and bones
200g or 1/2lb fresh spinach
150g or 1/3lb fresh parmesan cheese
3deciliter cream
1tablespoon butter for the ovenproof dish

The following is how to bake salmon:
1. Turn on the oven at 175c. Remove the stalks from the spinach. Rinse them and let the water drain.
2. Butter an ovenproof dish.
3. Slice or roughly tear the parmesan cheese.
4. Put the spinach in the middle of the dish and place the salmon on top. Put the cheese on the fish and pour the cream around it.

5. Put the dish in the preheated oven and bake salmon for about

20minutes. By cutting in the middle of the salmon, check that the salmon is done before taking it out.

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How To Bake Salmon

How To Bake Salmon

4 salmon filets, with or without bones, about 140grams/0.3lb each, in total about

2 table spoons of olive oil

Salt and whitepepper

Ingredients for seasoning of salmon baked in oven

4table spoons pesto/4table spoons tapenade/4table spoons ajvar (east european sauce consisting of aubergine, onion and paprika – here is a recipe http://www.ehow.com/how_2112073_ajvar-red-pepper-spread.html) about 1teaspoon chipotle pasta or sambal oelek.

Potential filling to use when you oven bake salmon:
4table spoons chopped crumbled feta cheese or 4table spoons hacked anchovy or 4table spoons natural or flavored cottage cheese.

How to make the salmon that you bake awesome? Use these accompaniments
Roasted “rotfrukter” – “rotfrukter” being a Swedish term meaning things like, and similar to, beetroot, potato, carrot. Accompanying the salmon etc you could for example have 12 small potatoes split in two.

2 peeled diced carrots

2 peeled sliced red onions

¼ celeriac, peeled, cut in small pieces

2 parsnips, peeled, diced

4table spoons olive oil

Salt and whitepepper

Bake salmon and use this sauce:
4dl greek yoghurt

1-2 crumbled feta cheese or

4table spoons pesto or

4table spoons ajvar

Below is explained how to bake salmon.

Start by turning on the oven at 200 degrees Celsius.
Prepare accompaniments like ovenroasted “rotfrukter” and put it in for 35 minutes before putting in the salmon (which should be in there for 10-15 minutes; meaning the “rotfrukter” will be done as well when the salmon is)
Split the salmon in four rations if they aren’t split already.
Turn around the filets in the oliveoil – salt and pepper.
Possibly fill the filets by making a cut horizontally in the middle of each filet, and put in some filling - like crumbled feta cheese, cottage cheese or anchovy.

Put the salmon with the skin down and fry it maybe for a few minutes.
Fill the salmon with seasoning like pesto, tapenade or chili if you wish.
Put the salmon filets in the oven and bake them for 10-15 minutes. The salmon meat should have become brighter and have become stiff in the middle. The salmon should be around 58 degrees Celsius in inner temperature.
If you want, make a sauce by mixing turkish yoghurt with the seasoning
Take out of oven the “rotfrukter” (potatoes, carrots, beetroots etc; which ones of similar ones you like), salmon and serve with the sauce.


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