torsdag 6 maj 2010

Like Gourmet Food? Or Steak? How About A Combination?

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Here's some random tips on what you can do with salmon, in terms of preparing:
With the oven set on 175C, take out the spices you wish to use - and spice the salmon filets with these - then put them in the oven for about 15 minutes (if they are not deep frozen; if they are, then a little longer). This is served with a slice of lemon, cooked potatoes, hollandaisesauce and a good salad.

Another one is to oven bake larger pieces of salmon -- when you buy salmon filets -- and then salt and pepper them, and maybe - if you have them - have some chanterelles that you have fried in butter and eventually some breadcrumbs, and then slice some butter over this and put it in the oven. Maybe some homemade mashed potatoes.

To this, you can have some tomato sauce with dill, creme fraiche and a little fish boullion - and then have pieces of the salmon and let it simmer until the salmon is done; and serve with pasta or similar.

You can put the salmon on a plate -- the have a lot of fresh, hacked, basilic, hacked garlic, hacked chili salt and pepper - and onto this you pour some olive oil and sweet chilisauce; thai edition sweet chili sauce. You let this marinate and fry them and serve with potato wedges and tzatzikiu without cucumber.

A very simple way is to simply fry it in the frying pan and then pour onto it a container of creme fraiche - and some sundried tomatoes and feta cheese and some cream. With this you eat pasta, rice or potatoes.

I actually got these kinda recipes from a forum, so cred to that forum -- and the link for it is this one.
As you can see, it's swedish, so if you are NOT - it's going to be hard to read -- but I included it to pay credit to the tips given there. So... yeah. Hope you got anything out of these! :). Try em out and tell me what you think (would be cool if you experimented with these recipes and told me how you did it - ingredients etc - and told me the results, and if you maybe should have changed something small, or big, to make it even better... anything) Bon appetit everyone and I hope you are all well.

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