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Oven Baked Salmon With Creamy White-Wine Sauce

The following dish is designed for two persons. This recipe is, possibly, different - as it has not explanation of what to do with the salmon. As you might know, baking salmon in oven is not an especially complicated task; you basically put it in and then it "bakes itself". So, no explanation needed there.
However, you don't know how to do this sauce by heart, so I thought an explanation would be useful:

The following are the ingredients that the sauce for this salmon dish consists of

400g/1lb salmon filet
2dl cream
2-3table spoons white wine or cooking wine
1 table spoon fish stock
Salt and whitepepper
mixed vegetables; you could for example use carrots, sugar peas, broccolli and green beans

The Following Is How To Make This Variant Of Baked Salmon
Begin by turning on your oven at 200celsius. Cook the cream and wine together in a saucepan. Do not use the fish stock to flavor the sauce, before the sauce is well thickened, or it will be salty after cooking together with the other cream and wine.
Put the salmon on an oven proof dish and steak the salmon for 15 minutes in the oven. Put the vegetables of your choice in a bit of bioling, salted water and let them cook for about three to four minutes. In lack of a better word, "remove" the water; you know what I mean. Place the fish on a plate, pour over the fish the sauce and decorate with vegetables.
Serve with cooked potato or rice.

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