lördag 27 mars 2010

Interesting Facts About Salmon

*Did you know that before a salmon is born, it has different forms. Or the eggs have - as they go through different stages. They go from being eggs, to sac fry or alevin, and then into parr at a quick rate. They stay at the parr-stage for a few years, and then become smolts. (you will have to read up somewhere else to find the specifics of these different stages, as this article is dedicated to provide fun, interesting facts and not a detail study)

*Did you know that only one tenth of all salmon eggs survive long enough to experience the, later, smolts stage?

*Did you know that salmon begin their life in fresh water, travel to the open ocean for a few years, and then return (to reproduce)?

*Did you know that the myth that salmon, when they are to reproduce, return to the exact spot where they once were born, is true?

*Did you know that salmon live where glaciers once were?

*Did you know that salmon travel great distances? And this doesn't mean a few miles, or 50 - but some salmon in idahoo travel 900miles.

*Did you know they are good climbers, also? The aforementioned salmon species, on the same journey, climb 2100m (7000feet)

*Yes, I said "salmon species". ...As salmon are actually not one fish, but a common name for a number of fishes, from a family where trouts also adher to - and salmon differentiate from trout in that, as opposed to the trout's static nature, travel.

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