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How To Cook Salmon - Salmon Frozen/Frozen Salmon -- No Salmon Recipies

How to bake salmon might be a really fun thing to know, but there are more important things in the world...
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Do you like salmon trout? Possibly trout salmon? You like your salmon frozen, frozen salmon? Do you have some delicious salmon recipies that you would love to do, that involves cooking the salmon..? Would you like to know how to cook baked salmon, even? Unfortunately you will not find that here, but regular salmon - sure.

This post will explain to you how you cook salmon.
The first thing to remember, when cooking salmon, is that the fish needs to be ABSOLUTELY FRESH -- meaning nothing less than 100% fresh is allowed. Nothing less.
Another thing to remember is that the fish should never acutally cook! It should only (what is the word..?). The thing below cooking, I guess. The reason why it should never cook is that the fish easily gets hard in cooking water, and also that the taste of the fish will disappear into the water (sorry about the english there). Maybe you've had experienced how fish becomes when it's too violently cooked..? It's like trashed.

So, do you need to split the salmon in parts or should you not do that? Doesn't matter, actually. Do watever suits you. Do whatever you want. You can choose whether you will cook it with liquid, or not, and if you want to do it in the oven or on a stove. Don't let the fish boil too quickly. If there's foam, remove it. And remember that the fish should not boil, but only simmer.

Usually fish is cooked in water, with spices added -- and the water shouldn't be higher than te fish. If the broth by mistake starts boiling immediately remove from the stove.

Before putting the fish in the broth, salt the broth.

Why not put some soup vegetables into the broth? These could be yellow onion, some carrot or other similar things. The vegetables give a fine aroma to the fish and -- especially the onion -- remove the fish scent that some people don't like.

I hope that you liked this little guide! Good luck with your frozen salmon, trout salmon, salmon trout, cook salmon etc. Hope you find some good salmon recipies!
I sincerely hope that you found some good stuff here. If you need easy recipes for salmon and recipe for salmon, you can find those in other posts!

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